Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

  • Yanmar 9HP Diesel Powered Pump
  • Vanguard 23HP Gas Powered Pump
  • Kohler 14HP Gas Powered Pump
  • Vanguard 18HP Gas Powered Pump
  • Honda 11HP Gas Powered Floating Pump
  • Honda 9HP Goliath Gas Powered Pump
Loose and Miscellaneous Equipment For Sale
Budget Min: Budget Max: Brand: Chassis: Pump Size: Tank Size: 4x4
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Ansul 350# Dry Chem System

Dry Chemical System

100' Ladder


Fire Ade Liquid Foam Concentrate

Multiple types of foam available
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Enforcer 60 Gallon Fire Extinguisher

Pressure Vessel Construction: Carbon Steel to ASME Code Pressure Vessel Dimensions: 20”x48”

MSA Firehawk Airpacks

MSA Firehawk Airpacks with 30 minute Bottles
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